Eviction Notice : Gentile Replacement 

The church has come to a state where the Jews of the faith are being replaced with the gentiles . Those the very church despises. God is calling those in the burbs and streets that are hostile. The highways and the hoods. You see? The ones many call stones! Wake up !before we loose sight…

The ‘U’ ‘N’ ‘I’ verse

I look like the stars in the night sky. No darling you are the universe in its entirety. The eyes to this murky world. Darling your eyes are fierce. The sign of your determination. Your mind is illuminated, like the UV paint on your skin. What if I fail you said? What if I loose…


and people you have to encourage.
Whatever you are going through is a process.
It’s okay to feel like giving up.
It’s okay to cry a river.
It’s okay to feel anguish.
But darling it’s not okay to sit there and give up on life.


Stranger : ……. because today By the grace of My father! This wahala will end,For I come in the name of the Lord of Host.Yeshua is his name and I came to save you from yourself woman For I came not to condemn but that the world through me will be saved. ‘Rise up Woman,…


It was another bright March morning in Warri. Many were finishing up their last lap of their sleep . But in Omowunmi ‘ home, the day had started already. ‘My Beloved, The one who makes my heart pump golden blood and soothes my calluses like a balm of Gilead!’ Baba Oge flattered his fiancee. ‘Ooohhh…


‘Ei!you dierr everyday biaaa you have miss me’ Afrakoma screamed from her bike. ‘Ah but wait oo,if i don’t miss you?who else will?’Eli replied with a smirk.His wife’s Sharp wit and tongue never seemed to wane. Theirs was a union that had seen tougher times than good ones. Growing up in Kedzikope along the Coast…

Trotro Vibes

Here in Ghana,I honestly don’t know any one who hasn’t sat in a trotro before. hehe. Maybe you can hit me up if you’re one of the few who’ve not,for a free ride. Knamean? So I decided to write this as I ride in the good old Trotro. I am returning from my usual Saturday…


Then it happened. After an awesome Spirit filled Crossover session to usher in the New year, I was involved in an accident at around 3.49am on the 1st January 2017; I only sustained just minor injury but I was literally shook!