Trotro Vibes

IMG_9771.JPGHere in Ghana,I honestly don’t know any one who hasn’t sat in a trotro before. hehe.

Maybe you can hit me up if you’re one of the few who’ve not,for a free ride. Knamean?

So I decided to write this as I ride in the good old Trotro.

I am returning from my usual Saturday market hustle for stuff.And it is going to be a pretty long ride home in the Rickety Trotro which is but pieces of metal bound together as one accord and an amazing Roadworthy Sticker to prove its strength!(well,thats another story for another Harmattan day).

So as I sat in the Trotro sipping my Fanyogo,a woman entered with a child on her back and another in hand,(I’ve always been pretty awed at how some women handle that).

Now this is the whole reason behind this long read,as she sat trying to balance the baby behind and her other little girl her lap,a young woman by her, offered to carry the little girl to shed some load of her,and the eyes of the little girl looked longingly at the kind lady as though to thank her.

And this made me reminisce wayyy back when I was younger.The days of riding to school were over,and I had to face the hustle of sitting in a ‘troskie’ with Mama to school,her workplace or to the market or a place of such sorts,and trust me,I actually looked forward to it you know?everyone was kind in a trotro!  hehehehe.

One of my fondest memories was to enter an almost empty Trotro,this gave me the chance to rest my little bum on the seat and feel like a boss! 😛 .I cared less about the world,and i was so happy that I got to get off the soft and fleshy thighs of my mum to seat ON MY VERY OWN PART OF THE TROTRO SEAT!AHJEI!to me?heaven was just a ring away.

I remember how I’d sometimes defiantly refuse to sit on Mama’s laps when I had some little money from Pops.Charlie,i got to ‘buy’ my seat and sit comfortably.then the horror came when a Fanpop or Fresher vendor passed by,and I’d ask for some coins to get some.She’d silently stare and say amidst laughter,’k3ji ota enor kw3,bo dientse ok3 oshika baa he'(if you had sat on me,you could have bought it with your own money).Streams of tears unshed would instantly just well up in my eyes.To me,that was savagery at its best.

The Trotro vibes were one of my early childhood memories I’d forever cherish,from the kind women who made me sit on their laps,and the young men who didn’t bother about sugar sickness and bought me all the toffees when I cried,to the good old Trotro mates who sometimes made me feel like a big girl when they told Mama i was big enough to sit and those who over talked and made me cry.

And Oh,to all the other kids i met in the Trotro,some who we only communicated by staring at each other,others by nodding and most by the power factor,CRYING.

I say medase,you made the journey lighter!Merhn.

I didn’t even realize I’d reached the end of my journey,id just end here.Do well to share yours too people.

And for those wondering what trotro is-its a public bus system in Ghana.And the anglicized form of the word is Troskie.And the awesome foreign tongue is Ga,one of the many Ghanaian languages.


(Good things cometh,wait for it)


So, let’s start a whole lecture already!

Hi, I’m death.

I know, I’m pretty awesome. Many people think black is my favourite color but duh! It’s always been White because I’m a Victorious person.

k.nutakor photography

No wonder the Good Book as inspired sings my Praises Death, where is yourvictory? Death, where is your sting? – 1 Corinthians 15:55. You know that awkward moment where everyone is just trying to get you back on the scene of life when you’ve been MIA for a while? That’s just what the old timers were doing but wait…

Read this

As a human being and a Christian,

I’ve always been aware of the fact that I’d eventually die and go meet my God and account for everything in my life! Like everything!

But I was not at all bothered about a sudden exit!

Then it happened. After an awesome Spirit filled Crossover session to usher in the New year, I was involved in an accident at around 3.49am on the 1st January 2017; I only sustained just minor injury but I was literally shook!

At that moment, I GLORIFIED GOD! Not for saving me but for bringing me to life. At 10: something pm, I chartered a taxi home from church and behold!

The taxi’s fuel gauge suddenly indicated signals of being totally exhausted! The engine turned off and the taxi skid off the road but I Still lived.

Two deaths and still alive! But after these experiences?

I’ve been on my toes and more focused on fulfilling my Duty for my Saviour on Earth.

Questions poked my frail mind.

What will I tell my Maker?

How will I say I have fought the good fight after years of struggling with addictions? How will I tell God about how I fed His sheep?!

So as you lie down to sleep over your many encounters today…

Pause. Breathe in and ask yourself one single question.

What is my life? This songwriter sums up my emotions.

I could have been dead. Sleeping in my grave. But God blessed me to see just another day. And its been an awesome year so far!

Inspired by death:my muse



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I was born a girl
Raised to be a woman

Now a female

Whatever that meant?I still do not understand.
Pink bows,fluffy dresses,high heeled shoes?not me
In the beginning of time

I fell in love with black!

With chaskele and gutter to gutter.

The rowdy game of football.

And the lovely game of basketball.

I am what society calls 

A man-woman

Woman shikpilikpi for my local audience 

An outright tomboy!
As I held that crushed milk tin and played chaskele with the boys in Kaneshie,

Instead of mama ne Dada,

I could tell you that it was love at first light.

As I reminisce my childhood 

I chose to be boyish 

Rather than be girly
And I would have thought you’d get tired of the taunts.

And leave me to fate.

But inhumane as you were ,

You called me Lesbian.


Because you saw me as an imbalanced hormonal entity 

Created in a rush by 

Odomomankoma who forgot to inject some femininity into my thick skull.
Because I shouted and shook the guys instead of hugging them,

You questioned the presence of my breast

If I had one at all

You doubted I could ever cleave to one man

If I would give birth

Or rather grow up to be one of those women 

Who act like men and call themselves feminists.
Well I didn’t change.

And like Love  came around?

It knocked me down

I’m still the man-woman you call me

Just with a partner now.

And dreams of having kids .

With tears to show my emotions 
Let’s rewrite the future.

Tomboy is not lack of female hormones 

But the path I chose 

With all Grace 

I’m a tomboy and not lesbian. 

Endowed with female assets

But boyish




Three Chimes

this is a silent emotion hardly expressed by many.Good read.ENJOY


Three chimes in the morning,
I immediately know you are the one. I smile even before reaching for my phone.
I was right, I see the notification headed by your name alone. I swipe, type in my password; I read and catch myself smiling even before I begin replying. Today is going to be a good day!

Multiple chimes not too long after midday. Different time zones so your day has ended while mine is just getting heated up. I receive an in depth briefing of every second that ticked in your day. The excitement in your voice brings me to a pleasant pause as I gratefully soak in every syllable you utter. “I have to go; I will talk to you later”. You do not agree, but you say, “Okay”.

A chime, a little time and then one more chime; you tried to wait up. I tell you I…

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This piece is about one of my favourite icons in one of the creative paths I’ve chosen.Photography 

Out of the Six photographers I  follow keenly,Two are women!one?A Nigerian(TY Bello) and the other A Ghanaian (Kafui Praise! )

And today I write about her.The first day I met her, my feet melted in the sand and my tears became ice;)😂😂Na Lie!I’ve not even met her yet.I only spoke to her on phone!thanks to a bosom friend (Rhudy).I was in a public transport,what we call trotro in my country, I practically teared up in the bus.My eyes were was like speaking to Ban Ki Moon!Because trust me,I was over the moon. 

The call came through as (Rhudy Brown Calling)I picked and all of a sudden he goes like someone is on the line to speak to you.I asked who?like the curious George I am.then he said ‘KAFUI PRAISE’.!

I just screamed as my heart twisted into corn cobs!Like KAFUI PRAISE? I’m going to speak to her?nooooooo this must be Photoshop effects.It was like Deja Vu!I had just thought of sending her a Dm on instagram about how she inspires me.But the still voice of The Holy Spirit just said WAIT!I was sad but I obeyed. Then in the evening tables had turned and I was speaking to a mentor I’d never met?was shy of?was awed about!jeezzzz this must feel as good as Andre Ayew scoring goals at the World cup!I was just tearing up as I spoke to her.I hardly remember a thing she said!😂😂😂😂I was just star struck merrrhhhnnn.I only remember her saying something like,don’t give up,you can get your camera.

And that is how i ‘met’ KAFUI PRAISE. 

Ghanas most inspirational and one of Africa’s female photographers with Modelling capabilities as well (unlike me)😂

Why this long talk? Today is her birthday. And I want to put it to her and the whole world that?she’s one of the strongest and most inspirational persons I’ve known in my few years.And to tell her that I look up to her.That she not only be creatively inspirational. But that her spirituality,emotions and Height inspire me to grow stronger.

And oh 😂that I can try modelling too.which Is another story for another day 😍
Happy birthday KAFUI PRAISE 

Ff her on Instagram@Kafui Praise


Half A Tart an’ Samosas

Glorious Evening to you and yourself alone:)

Just some whip of Inspiration cream for the late Sunday Night. 

I live in Ghana!Accra to be precise and we have a lot of Lebanese kids running around and begging for pennies and coins to survive around our malls. The Awkward thing however is that!They are quite unrelenting!which is an awesome trait for the Laid Back melancholic in me.

But this trait seems to irritate a lot of people who kick them,throw them on the hard ground or smack their bums.And it doesn’t end there as well.These irritated ‘grown ups’dish out insults at the parents of these street children as well.

Which I find inhumane to the umpteenth degree.These kids are annoying at times but their human parents are humans with the need to satisfy their cravings as well.

Ok I talked enough. Today as I got to the mall,my friend Musa and Aliya came around. They run to hug me since they seemed to know my face 🙈.The reason is simple.I really don’t walk around with money,just sweets or pastries.And so I have little(money) to give them when they ask.

But What I Give is called love,for children who don’t understand what love is.Instead of shooing them away as most do.I rather hug them and tell them don’t have.I tell them Jesus loves them,Iaugh and tease with them like how every kid acts.They enjoy the presence And hardly remember that I don’t have money on me.

And believe you me.Whatever you give them?they share it among each other.Even the Most intangible ones

So today I blessed Aliya and Musa with my half a Tart and samosas meant for breakfast.The result?was what money couldn’t buy.Hugs,Hope and laughter. 
Spread a little vibe there. The world waits



When I’m alone with You

a peace unfathomable encompasses me

I breath a breath of freedom

love unending

but today I’m alone with You again

and I’m pained

my heart is smitten,for heard Your words echo

“Jacinth,will you be mine ever mine?”

I looked into His loving eyes

I reminisced

Aeons past,the Chief Prince of the first battalion

he broke His heart

he claimed”I will ascend,and set my throne

above,oh Yes I shall be As the Most High”

he was second to Him,his Morning sun

His beloved Commander

whom He loved

But alas he Broke HIS heart

he hurt Him

the throneroom fell silent

For He wept

He,Yehovah was heartbroken

‘how art thou fallen o Lucifer,son of the morning’

‘you who was full of wisdom,perfect in beauty’

‘you were blameless,until iniquity was found in


So again Yehovah asked,

‘will you be mine?you have freewill’

I looked at His loving countenance and bowed

my head

hand in palm

I sobbed As I remembered the price He paid

a price of love,to have fellowship

with a race that deserted Him,man

Yehovah,he sent Himself to be of low estate

For He yearned that We return

so I looked up and said,

‘Grace to choose wisely each day,’

‘Wisdom to follow Your love’

Help my unbelief Yehovah,help my faith

to choose You alway

He smiled and left

peaceful As He came

I smiled,for I felt I had spoken His heart

i spake love

Id love Him everyday,

I may fall,but id love Him.

El Elyon.

Jacinth Valerie ® [Sealed with the seal of the



Valerie K.Nutakor Writes