PILLOW TALK : A Letter to the girl within

Life may have thrown onions at me that made me tear up at times. But no one can ever reach the little girl within me and steal my memoirs of joy



I was born a girl
Raised to be a woman

Now a female

Whatever that meant?I still do not understand.
Pink bows,fluffy dresses,high heeled shoes?not me
In the beginning of time

I fell in love with black!

With chaskele and gutter to gutter.

The rowdy game of football.

And the lovely game of basketball.

I am what society calls 

A man-woman

Woman shikpilikpi for my local audience 

An outright tomboy!
As I held that crushed milk tin and played chaskele with the boys in Kaneshie,

Instead of mama ne Dada,

I could tell you that it was love at first light.

As I reminisce my childhood 

I chose to be boyish 

Rather than be girly
And I would have thought you’d get tired of the taunts.

And leave me to fate.

But inhumane as you were ,

You called me Lesbian.


Because you saw me as an imbalanced hormonal entity 

Created in a rush by 

Odomomankoma who forgot to inject some femininity into my thick skull.
Because I shouted and shook the guys instead of hugging them,

You questioned the presence of my breast

If I had one at all

You doubted I could ever cleave to one man

If I would give birth

Or rather grow up to be one of those women 

Who act like men and call themselves feminists.
Well I didn’t change.

And like Love  came around?

It knocked me down

I’m still the man-woman you call me

Just with a partner now.

And dreams of having kids .

With tears to show my emotions 
Let’s rewrite the future.

Tomboy is not lack of female hormones 

But the path I chose 

With all Grace 

I’m a tomboy and not lesbian. 

Endowed with female assets

But boyish